Arrival: Immigration Stories at HUBweek 2018

“In October 2018, innovators from all around the world and from every industry gathered to present their work at Boston’s HUBweek. Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) and its project, the Public VR Lab, presented a Boston-only prototype of our Arrival: Immigration in Full Frame project in a booth at The HUB, HUBweek’s centralized festival site in City Hall Plaza.

Throughout HUBweek, visitors who attended our booth were invited to share their immigration stories in a studio we built at the event. These are some of the stories we documented.” Click here to continue reading.

Arrival: Susan Shares Her Family’s Immigration Story

Can you start by introducing yourself, and telling us where your family migrated from?

“My name is Susan O’Connor. All four of my grandparents came from Ireland. Three of them came from the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, which is the westernmost part; it was one of the parts that preserved the Irish language. And the fourth grandparent came from County Cork. All of them came to the United States between 1901 and 1913.” Click here to continue reading.

Arrival: Danute Shares Her Family’s Immigration Story

Please introduce yourself and tell us where your family immigrated from. How old were you, and what were your parents’ hopes when they moved to the U.S.?

“So my name is Danute Wolosenko – they call me Donny – and I immigrated to the United States when I was almost four years old. My parents fled Lithuania during World War II [in 1941] and then they wound up in a refugee camp in British-occupied Germany, which is where I was born, and then we came to America in 1950.” Click here to continue reading.

Arrival: Miriam Shares Her Family’s Immigration Story

Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) and its project, the Public VR Lab, are proud to present the latest interview from Arrival: Immigration in Full Frame. This co-created immersive storytelling project is the first national virtual reality (VR) filmmaking collaborative project curating immigration stories of Americans from pre-1620 through 2018 and incorporating them into a visual XR/VR timeline. The Brookline Community Foundation has awarded a generous grant to BIG to support their efforts to record immigration stories from the Brookline community to contribute to this project. Click here to continue reading.